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Lean-tos and
campfire places

Lean-to and campfire place in the centre area

Signs from Sarkatie. 

Kortejärvi bird tower and campfire place

There are signs from Taikayöntie (Urjala–Punkalaidun-tie, number 230) via Ahojentie to the destination.

Kuulammi lean-to and campfire place

There are signs from Punavuorentie. 


Lammiharju recreation area lean-to and campfire place

Near the lean-to there is a playground, a beach volley field, a bathing area and a disc golf course.

Huhmarinmäentie 40, Urjala as

Menonen lean-to and campfire place

Along the sawdust trail which starts from Suorannantie. 


Mieliö lean-to and ja campfire place

There are signs from Hanhisuontie along Mieliönlammintie until the destination.

Sutostenmäki lean-to

In Lammiharju - Pölkinvuori trail, there are signs from Lammiharju outdoor recreational area, Mikkolankankaantie and Pölkinvuori. The distance from Lammiharju to the lean-to is about 3km (Huhmarinmäentie 45), and from the direction of Pölkinvuori about 2km (Ikaalantie 105). 

Särki-Tiiri lean-to and campfire place

Access from road Hakolahdentie > Hirsjärventie > Suorannantie


Urjalankylä's Kaunisto campfire place

The campfire place is next to the bathing area, and there is also a beach volley field nearby. If the sauna has been reserved for a private function, the reservation also applies to the lean-to. Otherwise the lean-to is available for use. You can ask about reservations from the caretaker.

Punkalaitumentie 536, Urjalankylä

tel. 040 741 3799


Lean-tos encourage to take short or long excursions in the woods.

Even though Finland is one big wilderness on the world map, in Pirkanmaa especially Urjala is a great wilderness. You can spot birds and deer – the biggest population is in fact in Urjala.

An easy-going connection with nature is one recipe for Finnish happiness. Forests and clean air are competitive assets for tourism in Finland, which is why Urjala applies the same recipe to both tourists and its residents. Urjala has a total of six lean-tos with campfire places, a few open campfire places, and a bird observation tower.


Wandering in nature is considered one of the most important factors to promote well-being. Even five minutes in the forest calms the mind, and wandering for 10 to 15 minutes lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. Spending time in the forest helps to relieve stress.


Thanks to the lean-tos, nature tourism in Urjala is safe and easy. Most of the lean-tos have firewood, a saw or an ax, and an outhouse. The lean-tos are maintained by either the municipality or some associations, and the goal is to provide an easy-going nature experience for day hikers of all ages.


The unique nature of Urjala has also attracted a permanent deer population. The first deer were brought from North America to Laukko Manor in 1934, and today the population is the largest in Finland. The deer danger is real on the road, but the encounters in nature are memorable. When you want to stay by the water, there are several interesting lakes along the Tarpianjoki river which crosses Urjala. There is a bird observation tower by Lake Kortejärvi, Lake Nuutajärvi is within a walking distance from the historic glass village and you can test your luck in fishing on Lake Rutajärvi. The best way to explore Tarpianjoki river is by paddling, and you can try to spot otters on the river route.

More information on nature tourism:

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