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Urjala's market day on Fridays between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Market life, life at the market

– The most traditional and positive meeting point

Greetings from the market! 
The best summermarket of the Tampere Region.
Urjala market collected almost half of the votes.


“I sit on the wooden bench and the overhanging branches tickle my bare feet. I fold the hem of my summer skirt because the warm summer breeze flutters it like the flag in the pole of the town hall. The heavy scent of crêpes climbs up the church hill and brings a smile on the vicar's face.” 


Urjala's marketplace is like a good book and you can get carried away with it as it offers interesting stories and surprising side characters. It is a unique phenomenon in Pirkanmaa. You gather there to meet friends: you can snap them, set a date, choose the best potatoes and catch up. There you will find a state of mind called Urjala. Every Friday.


There are marketplaces and then there are matketplaces. Urjala market belongs to the latter because it is traditional but still hip. It gathers locals and visitors every Friday and causes a little buzz in the heart of Urjala. The sempiternal gathering place has a permanent spot in the Urjala events calendar, and the market day is an enjoyable pastime. There are several vendors in the market, and you can buy fresh fish, root vegetables and berries. Even though there are various vendors, food and handicraft are the most common merchandise. 


You do not have to return home hungry but you should be prepared for a crêpe queue. Shhh... please don't tell your friends about this Urjala's number one attraction, ok?

Inquiries about sales stands: 
Market supervisor, tel. 040 335 4235

Bargaining is part of market life:

deals are always made face-to-face and person-to-person!

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