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The Urjala of Taikayö

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A nationwide Taikayö scenic route runs from Urjala via Punkalaidun to Huittinen and also makes a nice little round inside Urjala around Lake Rutajärvi. A significant number of our services provided to travellers and cottage owners are along the Taikayö scenic route, i.e. road number 230 Nuutajärventie. 


When you leave from Urjala village, for example the MARKET, towards Punkalaidun, you will pass the gorgeous Urjala church and some shops and will enter Urjalankylä first. Along the way you see places such as Hunninko and Kiimankulma. You could also visit Väinö Linna route which you can explore independently or order a guided tour from Urjalan Seudun Matkailuoppaat ry.




One of the free nature attractions is situated in Urjalankylä: Kortejärvi nature observation tower. The address is Ahojentie. You can find e.g. a bathing area, rental sauna, dance barn, the starting point of the canoeing route and many event venues. A bit west of the village there is a camping site.

On the Taikayö route you should be aware of deer as there are more of them in Urjala than anywhere else in Finland. 

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