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More information on Pentinkulma Days website 
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Pentinkulma Days

Pentinkulma Days are a traditional annual literary event in Urjala. The programme includes author visits, debates about current topics as well as theatrical and musical performances. Love for books and live culture is at the core of it all.

Väinö Linna association and the municipality of Urjala organize the Pentinkulma Days in co-operation with different operators.


Pentinkulma Days

is a national literary event which has been organized in Väinö Linna's place of birth since 1978.


The programme includes a unique E80 seminar for first-time authors, versatile author visits, panel discussions, various writing courses, and camps and events for children and adolescents. The programme is published in May.

The event is organized by the municipality of Urjala and Väinö Linna association which was founded on 20 December 1977.

At first, the event was a one-day seminar, but over the decades it has expanded into a versatile week-long event which brings about 2000 literary professionals and avid readers to Urjala.


Niina Repo
tel. 040 335 4268

Postal address:
Pentinkulman päivät,
P.O. Box 33,
31761 URJALA

Visiting address:

Tampereentie 6,

31760 URJALA

More information on Pentinkulma Days website 

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