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Connections in Urjala


Urjala is located along highway 9 between Tampere and Turku. The distance to Tampere is 60 km and to Turku 105 km. Other nearby towns are Akaa (30 km), Forssa (35 km), Loimaa (40 km), Huittinen (50 km) and Sastamala (60 km).

Taikayöntie (highways 230 and 232) is a scenic route of historical value, and it runs through Urjala, Punkalaidun and Huittinen. There are beautiful nature and river landscapes as well as cultural environments along the route.

Errand transportation >>

between 2 Sep 2019 and 29 July 2020 on school days,

during school holidays on Wednesdays and Fridays

Huhti route

Matkahuolto-Salmentie-Huhdintie-Mikkolankankaantie-Kangastie-Patterimäentie-Pajantie-Huhmarinmäentie-Salmentie-Salmenraitti-Salmentie-Urjalantie-Matkahuolto (by invitation Myllynkulma/Sikalanmäki and/or Jokikulmantie)).

9:00 Matkahuolto

9:10 Huhdintie (Pikku Leevi)

9:30 Matkahuolto

11:00 Matkahuolto

11:10 Huhdintie

11:45 Matkahuolto

Orders (Myllynkulma/Sikalanmäki and/or Jokikulmantie) on 040 517 9069 at least 30 min before the bus leaves from Matkahuolto.

Nuutajärvi route


9:30 Matkahuolto

9:45 Nuutajärvi

10:00 Matkahuolto

11:45 Matkahuolto

12:00 Nuutajärvi

12:20 Matkahuolto


The fare is the public transport fare, i.e. the lowest single ticket fare confirmed by Matkahuolto. Please note that you can only pay in cash. 

Operator: Mettänen Oy

Other public transport

Express bus services to Tampere and Turku as well as regular bus services to Forssa and Punkalaidun stop in Urjala daily. More detailed timetables and other routes with regular connections for buses are on Matkahuolto website:

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