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Urjalan Makeistukku


Travellers' sweetest stop


How do you recognize a tourist in Finland? Liquorice has brought a smile on their face. 


Urjalan Makeistukku has been active since 1991 and is familiar with travellers with a sweet tooth. They serve you such sweets that you are smiling until Tampere – or Turku.

Urjalan Makeistukku is situated along highway 9, and it is a natural stopping place for people travelling between Turku and Tampere. No matter which direction you go, at Urjala you will have travelled around 60 to 80 kilometres.

The shop:

Turunväylä 52, 31760 Urjala, tel. 03 5466 300.

Open every day!


Online customer service:, tel. 050 572 0202 

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